Global Diagnostics Working Group

Objectives Of GDWG

The Global Diagnostics Working Group was formed to provide a forum for contributing organizations to share information on quality assurance (QA) of HIV-related in vitro diagnostics (IVDs), including both pre-market quality assessment and post-market surveillance.

The objectives of the GDWG are:

To strengthen communication, collaboration & coordination among GDWG members for the optimal selection and use of quality-assured HIV-related IVDs.

To effectively respond in a timely and coordinated manner to urgent quality-related issues that may arise in the context of HIV-related IVDs, such as quality or post-market surveillance issues.

To provide aligned messages to global, regional, and country level users on QA for product selection and testing implementation, including post-market surveillance

To provide aligned messages to manufacturers regarding QA requirements for IVDs.

To advocate for diagnostics that are appropriate and affordable for use in resource-limited settings.