Your first course with us? Your 100th?

The ܽƵ learner handbook has all the information you need to succeed.

Think of it as your one-stop guide to learning with the ܽƵ.

The handbook has information on:

We want you to have an enjoyable time with us. In our handbook you will find details about what to expect from your course.

We will help and support all our learners as much as possible. Please talk to your tutor is there is anything we can do to help.

Or, contact our team who will be happy to support you. Visit our contact us page here.

We hope your learning experience with us will be exciting and stimulating!

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ܽƵ learner handbook 2023-2024

A copy of the ܽƵ learner handbook for 2023/2024

You can also download the below resources, which you might find useful:

E-safety poster
E-safety on the internet poster
Our common values poster
Run hide tell poster
What next? poster